Healing and self-transformation through Voice

The voice is our main vehicle for communicating with others, our most vital pathway of expression.

We use it to express our thoughts and feelings and how we express ourselves through our voice intimately reflects who we are. We instinctively know this, which is why it can be so challenging.

Regardless of what we choose to do with our voice, what or who we are trying to be, to express or even to cover up and hide, our natural voice will always convey our truth, in thought, in emotion and in soul-consciousness.

I am Georgia Duder-Wood, a vocal coach and songstress of many years experience, and also a long time student of yoga, Naad (sound) yoga, sound healing and I AM consciousness spiritual teachings.

I can help you, though your voice, to discover your own truth so you can:
  • Express yourself meaningfully and be heard more effectively
  • Clear unwanted patterns of expressions in all relationships
  • Become free-er and more confident to speak or sing out
  • Release energy blocks, especially in the throat chakra
  • Become more connected to your emotions
  • Discover your own “birth song” – your own, unique authentic sense of self
  • Rediscover a way to be happy in your self and within your environment
See Teacher of Voice page for session prices.
Please contact me to discuss your needs, as in the realm of healing our resonance is all!

Now available! half or full day workshops at ‘The Yurt’, Kawau Island.
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