Sacred Song

Honour a loved one in marriage or death with the power of song

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to sing where my voice can truly be of service: wedding ceremonies, funerals, memorial services, sacred events or rites of passage.

I can work with a pianist, or backing track, but even more powerful is the presence of solo voice.

I work with you to curate the perfect song to celebrate your loved one: be it their favourite song (or a song from their favourite artist) or a suggestion from my extensive knowledge of songs to suit personality or appropriate sentiment.

Song Leader

Make a wedding or funeral or memorial service that much more special through the power of group singing

I am also highly skilled (and love!) to lead others in song, perhaps a favourite of a bridal couple or departed loved one.

Song is a very powerful way to engage a group and help people to express powerful emotion.

Contact me to discuss how to use the power of song to take your ceremony to a whole other level!


Leading Chris Knox’s ‘Not Given Lightly’ at a memorial service 2017. Photo: Amanda Billing